The thought of building a both financially and environmentally sustainable seafood business dates back more than 40 years when a very young Paul Benfer was growing up catching Mud Crabs with his father off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The business side of things was obvious, as Mud Crabs would be sold as highly-priced delicacies in local restaurants.

During the years Paul worked in many different international companies and across various industries, but with the idea of an aquaculture Mud Crab production never far away. In early 2016, Paul decided to give the project a wholehearted try and established the Danish company Eco Blue Seafood.

The years passed would show genuine concern, not only for building a healthy business but just as importantly, for doing something good for the environment and for giving back to the local community, who will be key in making this life-long dream come true.

Mission and Vision

”Eco Blue Seafood wants to become the world’s preferred supplier of live premium XL Mud Crabs and Mud Crab related products, while at the same time contributing to industry R&D and the strengthening of local communities and people’s quality of life.”

– Company Vision

”Through a constant focus on bio-security, sustainability and traceability, and strong sales & marketing partners, Eco Blue Seafood secures a premium brand and a fully controlled Hatchery2Harvest® production concept that prevents over fishing of the seas.”

– Company Mission

Founding Team

Paul Benfer

Mr. Paul Benfer is the original founder of Eco Blue Seafood. Vast experience with operations management on large international development projects both onshore and offshore makes Paul the obvious choice for COO of Eco Blue Seafood. As COO Paul is in charge of operations locally in Southeast Asia and will be stationed there throughout the pilot phase and also during the first years of the full-scale production.

Co-owner and COO
Email: paul@ecoblueseafood.com
Phone: (+45) 6120 5333

Martin Amdi Pedersen

Mr. Martin Amdi Pedersen has since 2018 been a partner and co-owner of Eco Blue Seafood. Martin is the CEO of Eco Blue Seafood and his primary responsibilities are legal entity interactions, investor relations, and strategic stakeholder management, both commercial and governmental. Martin brings in more than 10 years of experience from consulting hundreds of companies on international business development and has been stationed in Norway and China.

Co-owner and CEO
Email: map@ecoblueseafood.com
Phone: (+45) 2680 4715