Sales & Marketing

The Sirena Group specializes in global sales and marketing of North Atlantic frozen-at-sea products. The company takes pride in the strength of its relationships, having cultivated some of the longest-standing strategic partnerships – and friendships – with frozen-at-sea fishing vessels and processing plants all over the North Atlantic. They have done this by taking a straightforward, long-term approach to all of their activities and relationships.

Sirena suppliers are offered long-term marketing agreements and exclusivity that guarantees exposure and the swift movement of product. To their customers, Sirena is able to offer large volumes and consistent, on-time deliveries. This is made possible by their deep global seafood trading expertise, based on more than 30 years’ experience developing and opening fishing markets around the world.

Eco Blue Seafood enjoys having such a long-term commitment with Sirena, which guarantees sales and marketing of all the live Mud Crabs we are able to produce.

Research & Development

At Eco Blue Seafood we strongly believe in the value of collaboration and co-creation. We want to change the Mud Crab farming industry for the better and, in time, create the most sustainable and resource-efficient production setup. This can only be done through knowledge sharing and open collaboration with external industry experts and researchers.

Changing very traditional aquaculture farming ways into a modern and efficient commercial concept takes the right technology. Eco Blue Seafood has entered a strategic partnership with Danish turnkey RAS supplier Alpha Aqua. Alpha Aqua share Eco Blue Values and an approach to commercial hatcheries where easy scalability is key. With an innovative and adventurous approach to aquaculture and activities in many parts of the world, Alpha Aqua is an optimal partner for Eco Blue Seafood.

Eco Blue Seafood will engage in such sharing of best practices and mutual technology development with both private and public players. Starting with the public approach, we have built both Southeast Asian and Danish relations within the field of research, sharing knowledge, learning, and ideas with the Technical University of Denmark – DTU and local universities and aquaculture tech hubs in the Southeast Asian region.


Eco Blue Seafood is all about the environment and respect for the world we live in. This is one of the main motivators behind our quest to build the world’s most sustainable and energy-efficient premium quality Mud Crab production. Mangrove forests are being destroyed, depriving Mud Crabs of their natural habitat. But not only that, but they are also subject to over-fishing in across most of Southeast Asia, bringing the wild stock close to extinction.

At Eco Blue Seafood we have put great effort into building close relations to the national Departments of Fisheries in the region, and they are now backing our idea of bringing the Giant Mud Crab back into the wild. We are very happy that local authorities share this interest in bringing these animals back to their natural habitat and we are honored to be able to help in this process.

Marketing & Communication

At Eco Blue Seafood we are very happy to partner up with the extremely talented and experienced team of AddMore Communications for all marketing and communications purposes, from websites and SoMe to press releases and trade show participation. Producing and promoting a high end product means being in full control of your brand and having strict marketing and communications principles that run at the core of your business…AddMore helps us stay on top of this.

AddMore Communications is a creative ad agency just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. They combine incisive, strategic thinking with fresh, creative ideas, and deliver great results for businesses all over the world – both B2B and B2C. They are hardworking and easy-going and truly care about seeing their clients succeed. At AddMore they are into graphic design, creative writing, and sound brand strategies. In short, they add more to your business.

Legal Partner

Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen is a Danish law firm with an international perspective. We assist both Danish businesses in their international activities as well as advise foreign businesses on Danish commercial matters. Eco Blue Seafood enjoys close collaboration with BKH LAW and Mr. Søren Holmblad.