The Sirena Group

The Sirena Group specializes in global sales and marketing of North Atlantic frozen-at-sea products. The company takes pride in the strength of its relationships, having cultivated some of the longest-standing strategic partnerships – and friendships – with frozen-at-sea fishing vessels and processing plants all over the North Atlantic. They have done this by taking a straightforward, long-term approach to all of their activities and relationships.

Sirena suppliers are offered long-term marketing agreements and exclusivity that guarantees exposure and the swift movement of product. To their customers, Sirena is able to offer large volumes and consistent, on-time deliveries. This is made possible by their deep global seafood trading expertise, based on more than 30 years’ experience developing and opening fishing markets around the world.

Eco Blue Seafood enjoys having such a long-term commitment with Sirena, which guarantees sales and marketing of all the live Mud Crabs we are able to produce.