Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen is domiciled at Amaliegade 15, which is designed by Frederiksstaden’s (district in Copenhagen) architect Nicolai Eigtved and constructed 1754-1756. The property has been inhabited by numerous prominent, historical figures, including statesman J.G. Moltke (1770-1784) as well as prime minister and count A.W. Moltke (1808-1830) who later held several positions in the central administration.

Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen is a Danish law firm established by attorneys with experience from some of Denmark’s and the world’s largest law firms. We have high professional standards, commercial experience and international networks, that we use to deliver uncompromising and efficient solutions to our clients.

With our interdisciplinary industry teams, we see the world from our clients’ eyes, and our employees practical and international experiences eliminate communication gaps across culture, industries and professions.

We are closer to our clients.