Eco Blue Seafood has secured a strategic partnership with Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC), a Singapoean government institution working towards serving the needs of aquaculture enterprises in Southeast Asia. AIC is first and foremost the provider of high quality broodstock (Scylla Serrata) for the pilot setup in Denmark. Furthermore, experts from AIC will be working closely with Eco Blue Seafood and Alpha Aqua to optimize the pilot setup in crucial phases. By combining the knowledge and high quality broodstock, provided by AIC, and the technological capabilities of Alpha Aqua, Eco Blue Seafood ensures cross-sectional competences while mitigating risks associated with the R&D and pilot phase. 

In line with Eco Blue Seafoods business model and vision, this partnership will serve as a mutual learning platform, based on open knowledge sharing, in an effort to innovate and challenge previous research and the existing industry around the production of Mud Crabs.